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Eventi 2012 a San Vito Lo CapoIn San Vito lo Capo already the beauty of the landscapes and the splendor of nature are events that take place throughout the year, but these are accompanied by cultural events, entertainment, food, that have made this country an important center of interest.

The program is enriched each year of new initiatives, but there are now institutionalized appointments, which have become the pride of San Vito lo Capo.


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Le attività nella Riserva dello Zingaro

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The "CEA terra magica", managed by the Directorate of Reserve, every year offers activities aimed at raising awareness of the territory and its traditions.
Open-air laboratory, the Zingaro Nature Reserve can spread to the participants that timelessness and simple that you are no longer used.

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Equiraduno5 ° Equiraduno "Costa Gaia"
A whole day to live among nature lovers who will come to know dell'ippotrekking edapprezzare a corner of western Sicily, full of wild and unspoiled landscapes.




Settimana della musicaMUSIC OF THE WEEK
Classical, Jazz, Blues ... These are the ingredients of the 2011's "MUSIC OF THE WEEK" in San Vito Lo Capo, the cultural festival organized by the Association. Socio Cultural and band "City of San Vito Lo Capo" under the auspices of the Municipality and the Province of Trapani, which runs from April 25 to May 1.



23 - 27 MAGGIO

festival aquiloniFestival of Kites. A colorful festival of kites will flood the sky beach of San Vito Lo Capo.Sulla will perform the best samples of stunt kites, giving incredible performance with evolution. There will be musical events, children's entertainment ......


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1 - 3 GIUGNO

Cous Cous fishCous Cous Fish - Couscous Preview
Three days for an advance taste of Cous Cous Fest and select the chef who will attend the Italian team that will compete in the next edition of Cous Cous Fest. By tasting the typical dish of poor fish and boat trips for fishing battutte tourism. All for free.

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13 - 16 GIUGNO

Festa san vitoFesta di San Vito, patron saint of the country. Festivals, parades, exhibitions of local products, and to close the impressive arrival of the saint, accompanied by tutors and Crescentia Modesto, from the sea at sunset with the lights on the vessels stop in front of the beach where you land the young and illuminate the Holy 'air with rockets and torches.



17 - 22 LUGLIO

Festival Sicilia AmbienteFestival SiciliAmbiente Documentary Film Festival promosso dall'Amministrazione Comunale e dalla Demetra produzioni. Una interessante rassegna dedicata al cinema ambientale per uno sviluppo sostenibile.


25 - 30 LUGLIO

San Vito JazzRassegna jazz promoted by the Municipality and the Demeter productions. An interesting exhibition dedicated to the cinema environment for sustainable development.





summer festival Summer Music Festival
Event free and open to the public, featuring sounds and atmosphere of the summer.
A mix of music, fun and healthy extravagance, with big artists, national and international.



Libri autori e buganvillee"Libri, autori e buganvillee", meetings with the author via the Venza, the outdoor seating area of the country. The best Italian writers present their latest literary work may also focus on local authors.

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Tempu ri capuna“Tempu ri capuna”an autumn event to rediscover stories and legends connected with fishing and the sea and enjoy the delights and fragrances of the bluefish.
Starring San Vito Lo Capo, the charming seaside town that overlooks the Tyrrhenian Sea and its very active fishing fleet, consisting of about fifty vessels, of which most exercises the so-called "small-scale fisheries.

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Cous Cous Fest"Cous Cous Fest" , the cultural and culinary event has forced San Vito lo Capo attention of the whole Mediterranean. Chefs from all countries, which consume the traditional cous cous, face off in a race that will end all united in the name of peace. Across the country for four days into a "resort" where you can taste the cous cous cooked in a thousand ways, and drinking red wine and white campaign Trapani. Taste Workshops reserved for operators and journalists, debates and concerts round out the program. An event that is known throughout the world.
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10 - 14 OTTOBRE

San Vito Climbing FestivalSan Vito Climbig Festival
A large gathering to promote the sport climbing, where everyone can participate, where there will be prizes for the winners only, with a protagonist: enthusiasm. And with the ability to view video clips of climbing the best athletes come to San Vitolo Capo.

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