10 good reasons to love Erice

If you want to jump back in time, Erice, with its charming atmosphere will not disappoint you ...

If you want to jump back in time, Erice, with its charming atmosphere will not disappoint you ...

This beautiful medieval village full of history has roots that sink into the myth.
To this day sailors from all over the Mediterranean came to make sacrifices to Goddess Venus by bringing them precious gifts, here the Phoenicians erected Cyclops walls in defense of the city, still visible in all their charm and walk comfortably on foot and always brought here except for his Aeneas men, after the escape from Troy.
The beauty of the place will seduce you and stroll through its streets you can drive some of its secrets. The best way to appreciate it and let yourself be caressed by its magic.

There are so many things to see in Erice, here is a list of what you do not have to miss.

1 Real Duomo

This extraordinary building was erected by King Frederick III of Aragon in 1312 using part of the material from the Venus temple. The facade is enriched by a beautiful rosette and an elegant porch of 1426, while at its side comes an imposing bell tower, probably built on an ancient military sight tower. Going up the 110 steps to admire Erice from above is a tough job that will reward you with a real show!

In the outer wall, on the south side of the church, there are still nine cross-stone shaped that were in the Venus temple.

Enter the church, its dazzling beauty, with its stone laces, will leave you breathless. It was  immediately recostructed after the collapsed of 1853.

2 Umberto I Square

The heart of the village beats in this cozy and elegant square. Here, there is the Town Hall that houses the Cordici Museum, don't miss to visit, and  several noble buildings and some bars where you can make a stunning break and at the same time relax while enjoying the ' medieval atmosphere of the place.

3 Erice in winter 

If you find yourself passing in these places during Christmas time, do not miss a day walking in the streets of Erice. During this time of year the village becomes a nice  presepe. The Christmas atmosphere gives it a special charm and you will find dozens of cribs, from the most traditional to the most original set up in its many churches but also in its beautiful private courtyards. The lights with the light mist, make the atmosphere even more magical.

4 A Little Tower of Pepoli

Count Agostino Pepoli, patron and scholar, built this delightful building in 1870. The perfect location to devote himself to study and meet with other men of the culture of the time. You will find that the absolute beauty of the panorama on the Gulf of Monte Cofano and the tranquility of the place blend perfectly with the Art Nouveau style building on 4 levels.

5 Balio's Gardens

Walking through the streets of the village you will suddenly find yourself in a beautiful garden. You will have the feeling of having crossed a border without realizing it. The avenues of the Balio are closely intertwined with the narrow streets, courtyards and ramps that make up the fabric of the medieval village, in a kind of hug that makes this place unique. Railings, cast iron lamps, small fountains and marble stems blend into the dense undergrowth of shrubs and hedges.

6 Cyclopic Walls

They really deserve this title in the Walls (VII - VI sec. AC) that were built by the ancient Elimi people in defense of the city of Erice and then implemented by the Phoenicians. The town wall leads from Porta Trapani to Porta Spada and consists of huge square-shaped boulders that can reach several tons of weight. Some of these boulders are still visible in some Phoenician letters. Very interesting and relaxing the promenade to admire the imposing and the invoice, the Walls, in fact, border a beautiful pine forest.

7 Pastry Shop

Beautiful as jewels, they make a fine show of themselves in the showcase slike precious objects of desire ... we are talking about the ericine pastry, unique in its kind but very imitated throughout the island.

Almond, sugar and honey blend inebriates the air, but the recipes of these small, good delicies are utterly secretive. It is impossible to resist to the Genovesi, the most typical of Erice's sweets, a delicious yellow cream wrapped in a delicate pastry.  Very famous those of Maria Grammatico and of the sisters of the Pasticceria San Carlo.

8 Local Crafts

Rugs with magnificent colors, light-weight ceramics, artifacts embroidered by wise hands, this and much more you can find in the charming craft shops of the hamlet. These colorful exhibits of objects are located along the streets of the center, clinging to the gray stone walls typical of the place.

9 Spanish Quarters

The Spanish Quarter (XVII century) is an interesting military stone structure built on a large rocky platform from which you can enjoy a unique view of the Gulf of Bonagia and Monte Cofano, from here the gaze can reach the plain of San Vito The Cape. Originally the building was a barracks for Erice's soldiers, now houses a small museum dedicated to ancient crafts.

10 Church of Saint Orsola

This small church dating back to 1413, also called the Addolorata, is located near Porta Spada near the Cyclops Walls. The church, preceded by a courtyard, has a simple and linear façade while inside it has a structure that is the sum of two churches: the first, in Catalan Gothic style, dating back to 1413, in honor of Sant'Orsola; the second, Renaissance style, dating back to 1451, in honor of St. Mary of Jesus. The floor has majolica pieces made in the fifteenth century by craftsmen from Trapani. Beautiful statue of Santa Maria, opera by Francesco Laurana.

Real duomo di Erice
Real duomo di Erice
Real duomo di Erice
Real duomo di Erice
Ceramica ericina
Ceramica ericina
Torretta Pepoli
Torretta Pepoli

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