A beach and an eco-sustainable coast

"The stretch of sea and land that goes from Capo San Vito to Mount Cofano is a candidate to be one of the most beautiful in the world, a natural theater made especially to worthily welcome the setting of the sun every day".
Roberto Alajmo

Before arriving in San Vito Lo Capo, after passing the hamlet of Castelluzzo, you can admire one of the most spectacular and photographed views of western Sicily, we are talking about the gulf that from Monte Cofano reaches the cliffs of Cala Mancina.

Here is the splendid Bay of Santa Margherita, fascinated by the beauty of its landscape, its pristine waters and the Mediterranean setting in which it is set.

Definitely an excellent alternative to the famous San Vito beach which, on August days, records the maximum attendance and, without a doubt, an unmissable stop for those who love to discover the natural beauty of our territory.

In the large stretch of sand of Baia Santa Margherita you can spend wonderful moments of relaxation.

 SanVitoWeb La tua vacanza a San Vito Lo Capo in Sicilia a Trapani
Santa Margherita beach
 SanVitoWeb La tua vacanza a San Vito Lo Capo in Sicilia a Trapani
The free train to get around

We also recommend it to those who want to spend a fun day with children. Using the train you can visit the entire cliff, stopping in the numerous sandy and pebble coves.

Castelluzzo: seaside holidays with children

A truly exciting route that goes from Santa Margherita Bay to the Monte Cofano Nature Reserve, an unforgettable experience for adults and children alike.

Breathtaking transparency and wild nature make this stretch of coast a small paradise, where it is also nice to stop to admire the sunset.

Choosing a tourist facility in Macari or Castelluzzo means having a unique and exciting experience, far from the usual circuits, in an area waiting to be discovered.

Useful Info:

From June to September, from 8.30am to 8.30pm, the area is closed to vehicular traffic and visitors can park for free in one of the two large car parks located in Macari or Castelluzzo.

A train, also free, operates every day, from 9.30 am to 8.00 pm, departing every 60 minutes from the two car parking areas and will make five stops along the coast.
Disabled visitors can access the limited traffic area by car.

 SanVitoWeb La tua vacanza a San Vito Lo Capo in Sicilia a Trapani
Map of the coves
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