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Thanks to its geographical position, Castellammare del Golfo was already, from the 5th century BC, an important commercial port, first of the ancient city of Segesta and later also of the Phoenicians and then of the Romans.
On the port there is the majestic Castello a mare, originally located on a rock spur connected to the mainland by a drawbridge. It was the Arabs in the 9th century who built the first nucleus of this building, which was then expanded and made impregnable by the Normans and subsequently by the Swabians.
The Castle today houses museums... and is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved in western Sicily.

The Arabs gave the city the name of Al-Madarig, due to the notable presence of stairways that from the port reached the ramparts. The best way, in fact, to discover the city and its magical atmosphere is to walk around its narrow streets. and stairways, in search of picturesque views and beautiful churches.
The Port is the heart of the city, it is a place of extraordinary beauty, here there are bars, restaurants and nightclubs, here the commercial life and the lively summer nightlife take place, a walk to the Castle is unmissable.

Numerous boats leave from here every day for the Faraglioni of Scopello and the Zingaro Reserve .
If you want to admire the beautiful panoramic view of the Gulf of Castellammare, the largest in Sicily, we suggest you go to the Belvedere which dominates the city.

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You will be fascinated by the deep tone of blue that blends in with the sky, by the majestic churches and castle that rise above the urban fabric and by the Mediterranean scrub that surrounds it.

What see

The castle
This place, highly suggestive, is often chosen as a location for films or commercials.
Of notable importance are its late Gothic portal, the artillery tower and, inside, the beautiful medieval spiral staircase.
Today the castle is home to a scientific-museum center which houses various sections, including an archaeological one, one dedicated to maritime activities, one dedicated to the Madonna del Soccorso, Patron Saint of the City and a more frivolous but no less interesting one dedicated to advertising spots or films that were shot in and around the city.

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The Stairs
It is no coincidence that the Arabs called the city "AL MADARIG" or "the steps" in fact the steps had the fundamental task of connecting the various neighborhoods together. The most characteristic of these is the one that goes up from Porta Marina to Piazza Castello.

The Mother Church
The Mother Church of Castellammare del Golfo dominates the buildings of worship, built in 1500 and completed in its current baroque appearance between 1726-1736 dedicated to the Madonna del Soccorso, patron saint of the town, of which it houses the majolica statue of 1599 in the chapel on the left of the main altar attributed, sometimes to Giovanni Maurici and Giovanni D'Antonio, sometimes to Luca Della Robbia.

Inside the church is internally decorated with marble, stucco and frescoes, of particular note is a Crucifix with apostles by Orazio Ferraro from 1650. There are also frescoes by Domenico La Bruna from 1738 detached from the nearby church of the Castello di Inici

The Church of Our Lady of the Rosary
called della 'gnuni is a small 15th century church. of Norman origin, modest in its external appearance, it was built with a single nave and a single altar, and perhaps its simplicity was maintained to save it from pirate incursions. On the front it is possible to admire a valuable marble bas-relief from the Gaginesque school (16th century) depicting the Madonna and Child, San Nicolò and a hermit in front of the Crucifix.
It was a princess who founded the Convent of the Crociferi Fathers in 1659, next to the Church of Maria SS degli Agonizzanti. Today this place is the seat of the Town Hall and the church is used as a council hall and auditorium. In the suggestive setting of the cloister, various artistic, theatrical, cinematographic and musical events take place in the summer.

Historical re-enactment
On July 13th, the historical reenactment of the putting to flight of the English ships takes place in the stretch of sea in front of the city. Legend has it that in 1718 the English, after chasing a Spanish ship sheltered in the port of Castellammare, were put to flight by the miraculous intervention of the Madonna who appeared on the mountain overlooking the port. The miraculous event is still celebrated every two years with an extraordinary display of fireworks on the sea.

How to get:
To get to Castellammare del Golfo from San Vito Lo Capo, by car, it takes about 60 minutes.

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