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27th Cous Cous Fest 20 - 29 September 2024 International festival of cultural integration

The festival starts again with an emphasis on love, the feelings which, despite the current situation, continue to win and assert themselves and which, in the spirit of the festival, go beyond borders, barriers and cultures.

 SanVitoWeb La tua vacanza a San Vito Lo Capo in Sicilia a Trapani

San Vito Lo Capo will return to host chefs from all over the world, guests and artists for ten days of events, cooking challenges, tastings and cultural meetings. Central moments of the event will always be the couscous championships which compare Italian and international chefs. While waiting for the new program, we will see who will guide the selections of the participating chefs and the juries of experts who will taste the dishes competing in San Vito Lo Capo to elect the winners.

San Vito Lo Capo will therefore, once again, be the perfect location for the most loved gastronomic competition in Italy.

Every year great Chefs come to this splendid corner of Sicily, from different countries, to live, under the pretext of cooking, a unique experience, happily competing in the kitchen, preparing original and tasty couscous surrounded by an increasingly attentive and numerous.
In a fantastic multi-ethnic atmosphere you can taste the dish of peace in the Cous Cous Houses which are located along the streets of the historic center or on the beach in a tent that will allow you to discover the flavors of the Maghreb or at WAHA where you will feel like you are among the desert dunes .

 SanVitoWeb La tua vacanza a San Vito Lo Capo in Sicilia a Trapani

Chefs from all over the world get involved in an atmosphere of great joy and solidarity.
Two prestigious gastronomic competitions are aimed at professional chefs: the Italian Cous Cous Championship and the Cous Cous World Championship, to award the Best Cous Cous Award
Two juries vote on the competing chefs in the two competitions, a technical jury and a popular jury.

You too can participate in the Popular Jury and taste the dishes prepared by the competing chefs. Just buy a simple ticket online.

Couscous World Championship
The international gastronomic competition, the heart of the event, is its most cheerful and colorful soul.
In the kitchens of San Vito Lo Capo, different languages, cultures and religions meet in the name of multiculturalism and integration through food.
A competition that is an excuse to get together and compare different traditions in the kitchen.

 SanVitoWeb La tua vacanza a San Vito Lo Capo in Sicilia a Trapani

During the event, the whole town becomes a large permanent gastronomic laboratory.
The most original recipes and ancient flavors come together, giving space to imagination but never forgetting tradition.
In the gastronomic village, there are numerous stands where you can taste many variations of couscous, every day from 12:00 to 24:00... choosing will be a problem!

The most delicious traditional Sicilian desserts cannot be missing, cannoli, waterfalls or almond biscuits... naturally combined with excellent local wines.
For those who want to learn how to make couscous and discover the nogging technique, they can take part in the lessons held in the many gastronomic laboratories.

Every evening a free show, on the stage of the beach of San Vito Lo Capo.

Throughout the week it is possible to participate in the cooking shows presented by Andy Luotto and Eliana Chiavetta, where you can taste the recipes prepared directly by renowned chefs, in a friendly and relaxing atmosphere, listening to their anecdotes and their little secrets.
An unmissable opportunity for those who love good food and culinary culture. A real pleasure for those who, while sipping a good glass of Sicilian wine, find themselves sharing their love for cooking.


In the main streets of San Vito Lo Capo you can find a real market, colorful and with a thousand scents where you will find local craftsmanship and flavors mixed with those of distant lands. A great opportunity to bring home high quality objects and culinary delights.

 SanVitoWeb La tua vacanza a San Vito Lo Capo in Sicilia a Trapani
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