Towers, caves and ancient paths

The Monte Cofano Reserve is a treasure chest that contains many treasures. Located halfway between San Vito Lo Capo and Trapani , it is one of the most interesting natural attractions on the Trapani coast.
Protected by silence, invaded by lush dwarf palms and the choreographic tufts of disa (ampelodesma), dotted with enormous rocks that have rolled down to the sea, the Monte Cofano Reserve is a terribly fascinating place where time seems to have stopped.

The sea, of an intense blue, surrounds the promontory and its infinite limestone spiers. Monte Cofano is a natural curtain between the gulf of Castelluzzo, to the east, and the gulf of Bonagia, to the west.
A few kilometers away, perched on the rocky ridge, is Custonaci, famous for its marble quarries, and for this reason awarded the title of "International City of Marble" and for its beautiful Sanctuary from the 1400s, dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

The Cofano Reserve has two entrances: east side and west side, a coastal path joins them.
It takes about two hours to do it on foot, but it is also possible to do it by mountain bike (only for experts).
Starting from San Vito Lo Capo, in fifteen minutes by car you reach the east entrance, you enter by paying a small ticket.

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Already from the entrance you can perceive the solitary charm of the small agglomeration of Tonnara di Cofano , at the foot of the mountain.
Among the simple houses, the Torre di Tono stands out, unique in Sicily, with its square shape with concave walls, built in 1500 to defend the tuna fishery and the ancient fishing village. Tranquility reigns here. Bathing in this stretch of clear sea is a true luxury.

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Continuing to walk along the path that goes around the mountain you come across the small chapel of the SS. Crucifix . Right behind it, on the rocky wall, through a staircase you reach the Grotta del Crocifisso . A small cavity 60 meters above sea level, 6 meters wide and 23 meters deep.

After a few minutes you will arrive at the Tower of San Giovanni which, unlike that of Tono, was part of the system of fortifications wanted by the Bourbon kingdom to defend the Sicilian coasts.
Continuing up to the western entrance, the rocky walls become rugged and steep and, after passing Punta del Saraceno, they descend sheer into the sea, creating small and delightful coves

The more daring and with good boots can decide to reach the west coast following the signs for the Scaletta path . Lush Mediterranean scrub covers this ancient path that shepherds, in the past, followed to reach nearby towns.

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After crossing the saddle, continue on the forestry path up to Piano Alastre where you will find a seasonal pool which, dry in summer, fills with water and small crustaceans in winter (247m above sea level).
From here a steep path starts that almost reaches the summit, but it is advisable to climb only with an expert in the area.

Another very suggestive cave in the Monte Cofano Reserve is the Grotta Perciata, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea at half height.

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