Museum of Contemporary Art Ludovico Corrao of Gibellina

"Come to Gibellina, let's make the flowers of art and culture grow in the desert of earthquakes, of destiny, of oblivion."

The MAC was founded in 1980 and is, together with the city of Gibellina, one of the most important cultural destinations dedicated to contemporary art in Europe.

The recent rearrangement of the exhibition spaces today gives us a truly welcoming Museum in harmony with the beauty of the works on display.
A posthumous gift to the visionary Mayor Ludovico Corrao who immediately saw in Art the path to a possible rebirth of the small town destroyed by the 1968 earthquake.

Eight itineraries lead the visitor on a journey that starts from the early 1900s to discover the multiple languages, styles and poetics of numerous internationally renowned Italian and foreign artists.

01 - In the first room you can admire models of the great artistic and architectural works found outside the Museum.

02 - The space dedicated to Mario Schifano hosts the Cycle of Nature, ten large canvases created by the author on site in 1984, in just ten days and dedicated to the children of the town.

03 - Nino Soldano Collection , Graphic works

04 - 20th century works between Realism and Abstractionism

05 - In the space dedicated to the Forma 1 Movement you can admire, among others, some works by Carla Accardi.

06 - In the room dedicated to the Transavantgarde , works with very different languages created from the 70s to today are concentrated.

07 - Mario Schifano was also part of the Piazza del Popolo School .

08 - Room dedicated to Photography

How to reach the MAC

Viale Segesta, 1 Gibellina

Opening hours until March 27, 2022

From Tuesday to Sunday 9.30am - 1.30pm 3pm - 6pm

tel: 0924 524882

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