Bue Marino Bay

San Vito Lo Capo , in addition to its splendid beach with Caribbean charm, boasts an uncontaminated territory where you can breathe an incredible sense of freedom. Wide natural spaces, wild beaches, breathtaking cliffs, Mediterranean vegetation with intense scents and paths between sky and sea, they are here, within reach, and just waiting to be experienced.

San Vito Lo Capo beach

Just before arriving in the quiet seaside village, immersed in an incredible natural setting, among olive groves, almond trees and walls of prickly pears, you come across its small hamlets of Macari and Castelluzzo .

Gulf of Macari

To experience a moment of pure relaxation and forget the chaos of the city, why not choose a structure surrounded by nature?

San Vito lo Capo cycling tourism

Coast of Santa Margherita Bay

Once past the village of Castelluzzo , you are immediately captured by the beauty and tranquility of the large plain overlooking the gulf. The beach of Baia Santa Margherita is the fulcrum of this stretch of coast dotted with a thousand corners of the sea waiting to be discovered.

A pleasant sense of bewilderment takes over, a space so generously left to nature almost seems like a miracle. Natural beauties that have been there for millions of years and which, thanks to those who knew how to protect them, we can still admire.

On the left, the Monte Cofano Nature Reserve with its splendid promontory overlooking the sea acts as a backdrop to the cliffs above the water, while, on the right, the ancient Isulidda tower stands out and dominates the cliffs from above of Cala Mancina the gulf of Macari, a true enchantment from dawn to dusk.

Waking up in the morning to the chirping of birds, smelling the scents of the earth, relaxing while admiring splendid sunsets, in a word regenerating yourself in contact with nature!

In this part of western Sicily all this is still possible. Places to enjoy on holiday, in a short escape from the cities or perhaps in smartworking!

Santa Margherita Bay beach

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Happy Sicily!

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