The salt pans managed by the WWF

Infinite spaces, the scent of salt and a dazzling light: immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the ancient salt pans of Trapani.

The Trapani and Paceco Saline Nature Reserve, entrusted to WWF Italy in 1996, extends for around a thousand hectares right on the border with the city of the two seas and is one of the most famous protected areas in Europe.

The Salina is a highly evocative place, large pools and long canals change color at every hour of the day, sometimes appearing suspended in thin air. Windmills and white piles of salt are shrouded in silence, interrupted only by the sound of migratory birds that safely stop here. It is the kingdom of pink flamingos, gray herons, black stilts, egrets...

Salt collection

Inside the Saline Reserve of Trapani and Paceco there are several private salt pans, still productive, a Salt Museum, many Dutch and American type windmills and a watchtower

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Maria Stella Mill
The Via del Sale begins right from the Maria Stella mill, an itinerary that unites Trapani and Marsala and crosses the largest salt pans in western Sicily.
The Maria Stella mill, nestled among the basins of the salt pan of the same name, seems to welcome visitors. Inside, ancient tools used by salt workers and a series of panels tell the story of the world of the salt pan.

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Flamingos in the salt pan

The time for sea salt harvesting is summer. In this period, the salt workers work tirelessly: first they break the thick crust of the salt in the salting tanks and then they begin to create small piles, very white, glistening in the sun. A show that excites and shows us how deep the bonds that man has with nature are.

In the center of the Culcasi salt pan there is a beautiful windmill with wooden blades and white canvas covers (Dutch type). It stands out on an ancient building and immediately reveals all its charm.
Inside there are numerous artefacts and tools that tell the story of the world of the salt pan, but also panels that describe its long history. The surrounding landscape is one of the most spectacular in the area.
Don't miss its breathtaking sunsets while walking along the canals that lead to the Nubia tower. Perfect location for those who love photography.

Salt Museum

One of the ways to enjoy the Saline Reserve is to reach it by bike.
The route, 10 kilometers, is quite easy.
There are many agencies that rent bicycles in the center of Trapani.

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Managing by:


Riserva Naturale Orientata Saline di Trapani e Paceco
Via G. Garibaldi n.138, c.da Nubia 91027 Paceco (TP)

How to get there:

Starting from San Vito Lo Capo by car you reach Trapani in about 45 minutes and taking the provincial road that leads from Trapani to Marsala, called Via del Sale, you reach the Reserve in 15 minutes.

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