The top 10 things to see in San Vito Lo Capo

A white sand beach reminiscent of the Caribbean, a seaside village with light colors and flower-lined streets, a promontory that is reflected in crystal clear waters and dominates the bay, a climate and light that immediately make you think of summer, even in 'winter. And then lots of nature around and many unforgettable views. This is San Vito Lo Capo …this is just the beginning of your journey to western Sicily.

Here are 10 things to see when you arrive:

1) Macari viewpoint

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The scenic beauty of the coast that goes from Monte Cofano to the cliffs of Cala Mancina is one of the most loved views of San Vito Lo Capo .
It's impossible not to stop at the Macari viewpoint to admire all its uncontaminated beauty.

RaiUno celebrated him in its recent fiction "Makari" making him known to millions of Italians.

Having escaped overbuilding in the past, this vast area surrounded by hills is today a precious space where you can experience the sea and nature in freedom. Beaches, pebbly coves and cliffs above the water dot the coast and offer unique experiences.
Do you want to amaze someone with special effects?...what's better than a sunset...the one over the Gulf of Macari will remain in your heart!

2) The beach of San Vito Lo Capo

Awarded several times with the Green Flag of the Association of Italian Paediatricians and the 5Vele of LegAmbiente , the long white sand beach of San Vito Lo Capo fascinates for its colors, but also for its position, at the foot of the splendid Monte promontory Monk.

Almost two kilometers of very white beach reachable on foot, in a few minutes, from hotels, B&Bs and holiday homes, where in summer you can also rent sunbeds and umbrellas.

There is also a section equipped for disabled people ( Spiaggia Zero Barriere ).

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Experiencing it in summer is certainly fantastic, but even in spring this beach shows off an incredible charm... all it takes is a ray of sunshine and we magically feel like summer, a small luxury to experience!

3) The Sanctuary of San Vito Martire

It is immediately recognisable, emerging among the low white houses, with its mass of golden tuff, it is the Sanctuary dedicated to San Vito Martire. The only church in the town, an ancient fortress built at the end of the 1400s around the original chapel dedicated to the Saint with the aim of protecting it from pirate incursions.

The square it overlooks is the true heart of San Vito Lo Capo, the meeting place, where we linger on summer evenings for a walk or an ice cream. Don't forget to visit the precious 4th century hypogeum inside the church.

4) Chapel of Santa Crescenza

A legend shrouds the small Moorish-style chapel dedicated to Santa Crescenza in mystery. It's impossible not to notice it when you arrive in San Vito Lo Capo. Built in the 13th century in honor of the nurse of San Vito martyr, Crescenzia, its silhouette stands out against the blue sky of the Valanga district and takes you back in time.

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Legend has it that, in this very place, Crescenzia died of fright, after turning to take a last look at her village, Conturrana, buried by a gigantic landslide.

5) The Lighthouse

Its beam of light has illuminated this stretch of coast since 1 August 1959. Wanted by the Bourbons to make navigation safer for passing boats, it gives a certain charm to the bay; certainly one of the undisputed symbols of San Vito Lo Capo. A walk under the tower, 43 meters high, is a must and also very romantic.

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Near the lighthouse there is a circular tower called the Torrazzo, probably used in ancient times to defend against pirate attacks.

6) Tonnara del Secco

Unfortunately little remains of the ancient Tonnara of San Vito Lo Capo , dating back to 1411, and definitively abandoned in 1965, but its charm is intact so much so that it was included in the list of Places of the Heart in 2106. It is located 3 km from San Vito Lo Capo, on the western tip of the gulf of Castellammare. An evocative and fascinating place used numerous times as a location for famous films including Kefalonia and some episodes of "Inspector Montalbano".

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7) Santa Margherita Bay

This splendid beach, set on a stretch of uncontaminated coast, is located on the outskirts of San Vito Lo Capo, between Castelluzzo and Macari , the two small hamlets of the country.
The surrounding landscape is a real spectacle, with the hills of the Valle degli Ulivi behind and on the sides the cliffs of Cala Mancina and the profile of Monte Cofano. A free train leaves from the car park and takes you along the entire coast to help you discover the beauty of the small solitary coves (a little less solitary in summer).

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8) The Egitarso Plain

Get ready to embrace the town and the beach, Mount Monaco, the lighthouse and sometimes even the extreme tip of the Gulf of Castellammare... all this from the Egitarso plain.
Just get in the car or if you want even walk on this beautiful plateau that separates the beach from the rocky coast to the west. A true balcony overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea whose rocky walls (cliffs) are very popular with climbers from all over Europe. You will carry this panorama in your heart... and take beautiful photos!

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9) Bue Marino and Isulidda coves

If you are looking for something special, a hint of wildness, immersed in breathtaking scenery... don't miss a day in this corner of paradise.

Along the coast of Macari, there are two splendid pebble beaches: Caletta Bue Marino , right below the lookout, was elected "The most beautiful in Italy" in 2015 in a Legambiente competition, while Cala dell'Isulidda is located not far away, under the Torre dell'Isulidda, one of the numerous watchtowers built by the Bourbons to defend the Sicilian coasts from pirates and designed by Camillians in the 16th century.

10) Watch the sunset from the Macari Belvedere

Do you want to surprise someone with special effects? ...What's better than a sunset...the one over the Gulf of Cofano is unique! Seeing is believing

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