Selinunte Archaeological Park

"We questioned the temples of Selinunte, their silence had more weight than many words".
Jean Paul Sartre

Exploring the Selinunte Archaeological Park means immersing yourself in the ancient history of Sicily, but also in a unique landscape, between sea and countryside, among typically Mediterranean scents and colours. And it is right on the Mediterranean Sea that Selinunte overlooks like a balcony, a position that makes it absolutely special.
Lying between the valleys of the Belice and Modione rivers, the Selinunte Park , the largest in Europe, extends for approximately 300 hectares.
An extremely fascinating place, where you can breathe a unique atmosphere among temples and buildings that date back thousands of years.

The ancient city, one of the most important of Magna Graecia , was founded in 650 BC by the city of Megara Hyblea which wanted to expand into the western part of the island.
To visit Selinunte it is good to know that the Park is divided into different areas including the Acropolis, the Agora, the Eastern Hill, the Gàggera Hill and the Manuzza Hill.
To improve the experience we recommend dedicating at least three hours to the visit.
Today, the Selinunte Archaeological Park attracts visitors from all over the world, fascinated by its ancient history and its architectural wonders.

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The main temples of Selinunte

The eastern hill is the first area you encounter starting from the main entrance, here we find Temples E, F and G. Temple E is the most recent with its two rows of massive columns, while temple F is the oldest, but also the smallest, while temple G, one of the most majestic in the Greek world, is thought to be dedicated to Zeus .

The acropolis hill, where temples A, B, C, D and O are located, overlooks the underlying beach of Marinella di Selinunte.

Temple C , characterized by a series of large columns still standing, is the oldest, dedicated to Apollo , Temple D was dedicated to Athena .

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The other attractions of the park

In addition to the main temples, there are other interesting attractions to discover within the Selinunte Archaeological Park . The remains of the ancient houses are among the most interesting things and are located right next to the temples. There are also ancient fortifications, which were built to protect the city from enemy invasions. These walls were strengthened during the medieval era and their impressive structures can still be seen today.

Evidence of an ancient civilization

If you are passionate about ancient history and Greek culture, the Selinunte Archaeological Park is a place you cannot miss.
Being very large, the park offers the opportunity for an interesting cultural trekking.
To visit it entirely takes about four hours.

Walking among the temples, walls and ancient houses you can imagine what life was like in the city during antiquity. This is a place where you can learn more about the history of Sicily and Greek civilization in general.


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