From street food to traditional cuisine

Are you ready to take a journey through the flavors and colors of Sicilian cuisine?

Then get ready to enjoy this extraordinary kaleidoscope of taste

Sicilian cuisine is a universe of flavors and traditions that has spanned the centuries, resisting influences and welcoming new ingredients and new cultivation methods. Its roots lie in the past, between ancient cultures and different influences, and have developed up to the present day, giving life to dishes famous all over the world.

Discovering the history of Sicilian cuisine and the ancient cultures that have made it so special is like taking a journey through time among authentic flavors and intense aromas.
There are so many cultures that have left unknown scents, unexpected delights and spices in our kitchens. While the Romans, Greeks, Normans, Arabs, Spaniards and French were busy dividing up and governing the largest island in the Mediterranean, the Sicilians quietly introduced, into their modest homes, but also into the noble palaces, new customs and culinary habits whose the result is still before our eyes: colorful cassata, cannoli and martorana fruit, caponata, rolls and arancine...

This is why Sicilian cuisine can be considered truly rich, because there are very simple dishes and more complex and lengthy dishes in preparation, but always with an inimitable taste.

 SanVitoWeb La tua vacanza a San Vito Lo Capo in Sicilia a Trapani
Busiate al pesto trapanese

A simple cunzato bread (olive oil, pecorino, anchovies, cherry tomatoes) can leave you speechless, a plate of busiate with Trapani pesto can be the excuse to come back again...
But the desserts are the true masterpiece of island cuisine.

 SanVitoWeb La tua vacanza a San Vito Lo Capo in Sicilia a Trapani
Sicilian cannoli

Cannoli with crunchy wafers filled with sweetened ricotta fill the windows of pastry shops. An oddity for some tourists who do not know the sweet side of this ancient cheese, already used by the Romans to prepare the famous cassata. The Sicilian cassata fears no comparison and its fame is now global.

In San Vito Lo Capo there are many restaurants and trattorias where you can taste traditional dishes and not only that, some chefs are also willing to give you some cooking lessons...but don't neglect the fry shops and delicatessen shops, where you will find a great variety of takeaway dishes and the famous and tasty street food for which we are very famous.

The watchword is: authenticity and zero kilometer ingredients!
You probably won't have time to taste everything, but with the help of our little guide you can at least taste the most famous dishes or discover the lesser-known but unmissable ones.


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 SanVitoWeb La tua vacanza a San Vito Lo Capo in Sicilia a Trapani
Pane Cunzato
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