The Tonnara del Secco is one of the symbolic places of San Vito Lo Capo

Three kilometers from the center of San Vito Lo Capo there is one of the symbolic places of the entire territory: the Tonnara del Secco , an obligatory stop for those who want to know the history of these places.
Aristocratic buildings surrounded the ancient Tonnara, whose nets were lowered a few meters from the shore to capture the large tunas that in spring passed through the waters of the Gulf of Castellammare in large numbers in their race to reproduce.

Those who were lucky enough to witness the slaughter of San Vito Lo Capo remember that the owners were with their guests comfortably seated on the terrace of the "Palazzotto" while, a few meters away, the "crew" was slaughtering. The nets have not been lowered since 1969, but the place is still full of charm and the fishermen who frequent it willingly tell how the slaughters took place.

The Secco tonnara is a magnificent place for swimming

Next to the tuna factory buildings you can still admire the remains of ancient fish processing plants, which date back to the 4th century BC.
Here the fish - including tuna - which was caught in the nearby sea, was processed.
The tanks were made of cocciopesto and "elevated", with a drainage channel for discharging the processing water into the sea.

This location has been chosen for several films and fiction including the famous " Cefalonia ", " Viola di Mare ", "Indiana Jons 5"

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