Trapani, 10 TOP things to see

Trapani is located on the extreme western tip of Sicily, the city of salt, wind and the most beautiful sea of ​​the island.
Along the 40 kilometers of coastline that reach up to San Vito Lo Capo are concentrated, in fact, the beaches and the most beautiful seaside resorts of western Sicily. 

If you want to see the city from above, make a jump to Erice, maybe going up by cableway ... you will see a unique show!

The historic center of Trapani bewitches with its Arabian alleys, its beautiful churches and its sumptuous palaces, but it is above all the scent and the view of the sea everywhere that makes it fascinating.

The fame of its culinary goodness is known to all.

The Pesto Trapanese is the favorite of Commissario Montalbano, the Granite are still prepared with the old family recipes, the sweet Cassatelle but also savory in fish stock, the pizzas (famous those of Calvino) the Cuscusu (this is its ancient name) and then the Graffe with ricotta and much more ... pure lust ... forget the diets!

Here we suggest 10 things not to be missed, but let yourself be captured and inspired by walking around the city, breathe the wind that blows through the winding streets and carries around the scent of the sea, fall in love with its glimpses full of history, immersed in a dazzling light.

1 Tower of Ligny

An imposing but also elegant tower of defense in tuff and stone, stands on the extreme tip of the city of Trapani. The tongue of land on which it is located divides the Mediterranean from the Tyrrhenian Sea and from its terrace we discover a city embraced by the sea.

It was built in 1671 at the behest of the Spanish viceroy, Claudio La Moraldo and today is the seat of the Civic Anthropological Museum.

Perfect location for numerous summer events and interesting exhibitions and cultural events. It can be reached by following a pedestrian road which runs south from a cliff and on the north side by a small beach, which is the destination of many bathers.

2 Castle of the Colombaia

Those arriving by sea in Trapani are welcomed by a castle built on a small island on the port. It is the castle of the Dovecote or castle of the sea. Very impressive, not only for its position but also for the millennial history of which it is soaked. Its first defense tower was erected by the Carthaginian Amilcare Barca in 260 BC and witnessed the great naval battles between the Romans and Carthaginians.

Its roots are even rooted in myth, it is said that here the doves stopped, arrived from Africa, destined to the Goddess Astarte, whose temple was in nearby Erice.

Its stones are imbued with the thousand-year history of Trapani.

 3 Walls of Tramontana

The passage of the Spaniards to Trapani also remains a beautiful wall built to defend the city from attack by enemies. It is located on the north side of the city and can be traveled from the former fish market square up to the mighty Bastione Conca. A magnificent view of the ancient city, particularly at sunset.

4 Dark Door and Astronomical Clock

One of the oldest gates of the city is located in via Torrearsa, in the heart of the historic center. In 1596 a tower was erected on the door where an Astronomical Clock was installed. Even today it is possible to admire this splendid mechanism that marks the hours, the seasons and the lunar phases. 

5 Palazzo della Giudecca

Trapani preserves in its ancient Jewish quarter one of the most interesting examples of Plateresque Catalan style present in Sicily, the Palazzo della Giudecca. This elegant building, with a beautiful diamond-studded ashlar facade, was built by the Ciambra family in the first half of the 16th century. It has a side tower and an ogival portal.

6 Church of San Pietro

The church is located in the oldest district of the city and in 1076 Count Ruggero wanted to expand it. The church jealously guards one of the most famous musical instruments in the world, the organ of Francesco La Grassa, one of a kind.

7 Church of Sant'Agostino

Of the original building, a former chapel of the Templars dedicated to St. John the Baptist, remains the main facade, with its large Gothic rose window from the 1100s, while the apse destroyed by the bombings of 1943 has been rebuilt. Today it is home to a permanent exhibition of sacred works. It is located in the delightful Piazzetta Saturno just a few steps from Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

8 Palazzo della Vicaria

In San Francesco street you can admire four impressive telamons on the facade of the former prison built in 1600. Today the rooms of the building are used for exhibitions and cultural meetings.

9 Church of Purgatory

Twelve statues of the Apostles show off in the beautiful Baroque façade of the Church of the Holy Souls in Purgatory, designed by the architect Giovanbattista Amico. The church houses inside the 20 Vare of the Misteri di Trapani, is located in the homonymous square a few steps from the Cathedral.

10 Ex Fish Market place

The beautiful exedra of Piazza Mercato was built in 1874 by Giovan Battista Talotti and was once home to the city's market. Under its portico, the street vendors sold their products while the fishermen with their banquet showed off the freshly caught fish.

Today the beautiful statue of Venus placed in the center of the square welcomes visitors who start from here the path to the walls of Tramontana. The square is the location of numerous cultural and gastronomic events including Stragusto, the international streetfood festival.

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