Custonaci, a place full of charm and beauty overlooking the splendid waters of the Cornino Bay.

Traveling along the state road that leads from San Vito Lo Capo to Trapani you will immediately be captured by the beauty of a small village nestled on the slopes of Monte Cofano, Custonaci .
The Sanctuary which stands at the top of the town is captivating with its elegance and majesty, almost as if to protect the small houses which resemble a nativity scene. It is also captivating by the landscape which is its backdrop: the beautiful gulf of Bonagia , the coast full of beaches and cliffs of Cornino and the spiers of the Cofano promontory.

What see

The Sanctuary , dedicated to the Virgin Mary, dates back to the end of the 1400s and is truly worth a visit.
Inside there are stuccoes and polychrome marbles of rare beauty and a precious oil painting depicting the sacred image of Mary, which has brought numerous pilgrims here over the centuries.

Its Gothic forms, its Baroque-style altar and its polychrome floor blend together in an enchanting harmony, giving strong emotions to visitors.


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In the rooms adjacent to the sanctuary there is also a small museum dedicated to works of sacred art, ex Votos and sacred objects linked to the cult of the Madonna of Custonaci, including the ancient Vara with which she was carried on the shoulders of the faithful, from Custonaci to Erice . An elegant staircase and a large cobbled churchyard frame the majestic building which fascinates with its large tuff rose window.

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The Mangiapane Cave.
It is an ancient prehistoric settlement inhabited since the Paleolithic era. The Mangiapane family transformed it into a small village and lived there for 150 years, living on agriculture and sheep farming.

A place full of charm and beauty overlooking the splendid waters of Cornino Bay. In this highly evocative setting the magic of the Living Nativity of Custonaci has been repeated since 1983.
The cave can also be visited in the summer.

The Marble Quarries
Custonaci is famous for its marble and has in fact been awarded the title of "International City of Marble". A curiosity: the precious marble for the construction of very important architectural works, including St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, came from here.

From a naturalistic point of view, this area really offers a lot.
Sea enthusiasts can enjoy the seaside areas of Cornino on the Gulf of Bonagia, while those who love outdoor sporting activities, trekking, mountain biking, walking, climbing... will find themselves near the beautiful Monte Cofano Reserve.

The long beach of Cornino , particularly loved by young people for its wild charm, is also equipped with small beaches, while comfortable wooden platforms have been placed on the cliff

The Monte Cofano Nature Reserve is a true jewel, a unique landscape, where nature mixes with archaeology. The path that surrounds it in a ring can be followed by everyone, with due caution, and reaches up to the Tonnara di Tono, in the Gulf of Macari, on the eastern side.

The quadrangular tower, which is still reflected today with all its grandeur on the mirror of sea in front, was used to defend the ancient tuna fishery and today it can also be visited inside.

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The natural scenography of this place is so suggestive that it has pushed many directors to use it as a location for various films such as some episodes of the series "Inspector Montalbano", "Cefalonia", "Nuovo mondo" and "Viola di mare".

From here begins a stretch of coast that reaches San Vito Lo Capo dotted with small coves of unquestionable charm... all worth visiting!


Ugh. Tourist Municipality of Custonaci
Tel. +39 324.002.3283

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